04. – 07. September 2023

Theologians Meet:
Mission from Post-Colonial Perspective

Christian Mission today can no longer be understood in isolation from the ongoing legacies of colonialism. ­Christianity is somehow considered as an integral part of Colonization. Even the very foundation of our written histories is colonized. Recent developments both in Europe and around the globe reminds us of the questions around mission, justice and peace are inextricably linked to historical legacies that have shaped the unjust present reality of deadly inequalities and violent discriminations. However, post-colonial analysis facilitates us to build the perspective whether and how we can move beyond. This program intends to bring the Indians, the receiver of the Gospel brought by European mission and the European theologians together to share, discuss and to define the past and present experience and to construct a new way of defining history from postcolonial perspective.

1. Bring Indian & German Theologians together
2. Share the experience (Story Telling) from both side (Impact as giver and receiver)
3. Decolonize the colonial thinking and attitude
4. Discuss and discover new way of defining the history (from perspective of justice and reconciliation)


Christian Jensen Kolleg, Kirchenstraße 4, 25821 Breklum


150,00 € 


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