13.02.2021 | 16:30 Uhr

The Role of local Tradition in Indian Churches and in the Partnership

Speech and talk

Web Seminar

Through the intermediary network of ZMOe and of people from the Lutheran Church in Northern Germany, the theological researcher Sophia Schäfer had the chance to live and work in the JELC-congregation in Koraput, Odisha for 10 months. Her experiences, discernments, talks and analysis from the years 2018/2019 she elaborates in her academic PhD-studies on the meaning of religious authority among Christian people in Koraput area.

In her speech Sophia Schäfer will allow us to participate in her understanding of the influence of local traditions deriving from pre-missionary times on today´s reality in the Christian church and how they still shape the life and faith of Christians in the local Indian context. The current developments, e.g. the growing competition with Pentecostal groups which are attracting members of JELC as well, can be better understood and contextualized in a differentiated way. Also expectations and misunderstandings in partnership relations can be traced and understood more deeply in our talk following the speech. The language of the event will be English.

With Rev. Sophia Schäfer (EKHN), Rev. Jörg Ostermann-Ohno (ZMOe) and Angelious Michael (JELC)


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