Kirchengemeinde Husum – Parish of Husum

The parish of Husum (Kirchengemeinde Husum) is part of the church district of Nordfriesland. Situated in the town of Husum, it is a fairly big congregation of 8.500 members.

Having a strong diaconic focus, the parish of Husum works in the areas of loneliness prevention, poverty and migration. In 2023 Husum parish was certified as an eco-fair parish. It is well connected with civil society – politics, schools, trade union, mosques etc. and has organized public discussions on climate change and on what can be learnt from the Corona pandemic.

The parish of Husum (Kirchengemeinde Husum) has been interested in the relation between local action and global consequences for a long time. Therefore it is looking forward to seeing and understanding this connection in a very direct and concrete way through the Church Climate Action Partnership. The close interaction will strengthen the connection in Christ and the sense of a shared responsibility for the future.

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