Kirchengemeinde Goldberg-Dobbertin – Parish of Goldberg-Dobbertin

The Parish of Goldberg-Dobbertin belongs to the church district of Mecklenburg. It is situated in the region of Parchim, in a very rural area, a great nature reserve with many lakes, forests, fields. Dobbertin has a long history of Christianity: In the year 1220 Benedictine monks founded a monastery there. Nowadays the monastery is used by the Diakonia, offering assistance to the elderly, to people with special needs, with psychological problems or with addictions.

The parish has 850 members and is closely working together with the neighboring parishes. The action team members are excited to be part of the Church Climate Action Partnership project and to contribute to the protection of our earth and its resources. They hope that we can come closer together – as partner-parishes – trough friendly exchange – and learn from each other.

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