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Jetzt gemeinsam Klimaschutz umsetzen

Das Zentrum für Mission und Ökumene der Nordkirche und die East of Lake Viktoria-Diözese (ELVD) in Tansania haben eine neue Art von Partnerschaft auf der Basis des Themas Klimagerechtigkeit initiiert.

Gemeinsam werden die teilnehmenden Institutionen aus Tansania und der Nordkirche Wissen und Fähigkeiten zu Klimaschutz und zur Anpassung an den Klimawandel aufbauen. Ziel ist es, eigene Klimaaktionspläne auf Gemeindeebene in Tansania und Deutschland zu entwickeln und umzusetzen.

Klimapartnerschaften: Voneinander lernen und handeln

Die Zusammenarbeit ist auf drei Jahre angelegt und wird mit vielen Maßnahmen begleitet: Es gibt regelmäßige Seminare, fachliche Expertise und Unterstützung bei der Umsetzung von konkreten Projekten, digitalen Austausch unter den Partner:innen und als Höhepunkt eine Begegnungsreise zu Best Practice Projekten vor Ort.

Aktuelle Informationen rund um die tansanisch-deutschen Klimapartnerschaften sind auf dieser Website zu finden.

Implement climate protection together

The „Zentrum für Mission und Ökumene“ of the Ev.-Luth. Church in Northern Germany (Nordkirche) and the East of Lake Victoria Diocese (ELVD) in Tanzania initiated a new type of partnership based on the theme of climate justice.

Together, the participating institutions from Tanzania and Germany will build knowledge and skills on climate protection and adaptation to climate change. The aim is to develop and implement their own climate action plans at parish level.

Church Action Climate partnerships: learning from each other and acting

The collaboration is scheduled to last three years and is accompanied by many measures: There are regular seminars, technical expertise and support in the implementation of specific projects, digital exchange between the partners and, as a highlight, a trip to meet best practice projects on site.

Information about the participating partner parishes in Tanzania and in Nordkirche as well as photos and reports from this special project can be found on this website.

Damit die Berichterstattung in der ELCD und in der Nordkirche von allen verfolgt werden kann, werden alle Texte künftig in der gemeinsamen Projektsprache Englisch veröffentlicht.

All texts will be published in the common project language, English. So the information is accessible für everyone, whether in Germany or in Tanzania.

The partners in the ELCT-ELVD in Tanzania:

The partners in the Nordkirche in Germany:

Updates and events:

Project coordinator team:

Fabio Banet, Projektkoordinator CCAP seit Mai 2024
Fabio Banet (Ökumenewerk der Nordkirche)

Fabio Banet joined the CCAP team in May as project coordinator. Here’s what he says about his background, his work and the aims of the CCAP project:

„During my studies of political science in Halle and Hamburg, as well as various stays abroad in Ghana and Zambia, I became aware of the complexity and extent of the effects of climate change. In dealing with this issue the historical and social science approach has always been important to me, which makes it clear that the fossil-fuelled mode of production, which began in the global North, is the central driver of greenhouse gases. As part of the CCAP project, we want to address this problem through two pillars. On the one hand, we are working on climate justice by not only looking at how we can implement climate protection, but also how it can be socially just and adapted to different stakeholders. On the other hand, we are trying to reshape North-South partnerships and consciously address colonial continuities and dependencies. Climate change is our common challenge, for which we bear different responsibilities, but which we can only overcome together!“

(Photo: Fabio Banet)

Joygrace Shoo - Project Coordinator (ELCT/ELVD) - CCAP - Klimapartnerschaften
Joygrace Shoo (Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania / East of Lake Victoria Diocese)

On April 1, 2023, Joygrace Shoo started her work as project coordinator in the three-year project Church Climate Action Partnerships in the ELCT-ELVD.

Climate partnerships: transnational cooperation

As an employee of the ELCT-ELVD, she will coordinate the project in close cooperation with the German project coordination. The aim of the project is to network seven parishes and one church educational institution in the East of Lake Victoria Diocese in Tanzania and the North Church in thematically focused climate partnerships and thus to support them in their joint action against the climate crisis and their adaptation to the consequences to strengthen this. As part of the three-year climate partnerships, climate action plans are developed and implemented at community level. Accompanied by a training program and digital exchange, knowledge and skills for climate protection and adaptation to climate change are being built up.

Experienced project coordinator

As project coordinator and head of planning and investment department at ELVD, Joygrace Shoo between 2017 -2022 had managed community based projects with the focus of improving majority livelihood, to transform knowledge on mother and child health to pregnant women and their partners, to serve most vulnerable children in the community, to address stunting to children under five.
During these years she was responsible for proposal writing, project planning, development and implementation of strategic plan, monitoring and evaluation of the project. Overseer of the budget and action planned, report writer and report compilation of different activities implemented by departments

Preserving and Protecting Creation

From her perspective, The earth is the Lord′s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it; for he founded it upon the seas and established it upon the waters.”, Joygrace Shoo said since God commissions us to rule over the creation in a way that sustains, protects, and enhances his works ‘It’s going to be a wonderful experience to partner between parishes and bring best to the world for present and future generation’’.
All seven parishes and one church educational institution in the East of Lake Victoria Diocese -Tanzania are enthusiastically ready to co-operate with their parish partners in Germany.

(Foto: Joygrace Shoo)

Further documents and information on the Tanzanian-German climate partnerships:

Memorandum of Understanding

Presentation of the project partners

CCAP News Archive


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