Half Way

Hello, I’m Teraoi Momoe Kaam from Kiribati and I’m a volunteer for 2019-2020 in Germany. I work as a Bufdi in the international seaman’s club, DUCKDALBEN.

Its been six month which marks our half year volunteer programme in Germany and to be honest, I didn’t felt it, because I’m lost learning and trying to adapt to the way how German people work with time, which is the most serious thing that I found out.

August was the most important month for me during my stay in Germany. According to the fact, its my birth month, my workplace birth month, and also we all get another chance to meet and reflect our last six month in the seminar.

My workplace birthday was so amazing, that I was introduced to the whole guest, which some of them are from the government and churches, which takes me to cloud nine. I was so happy that moment, that they said, they are proud of my work and also to become one of the family.

Moreover, we have a seminar in Breklum, where we get a chance to reflect our half way journey. In addition, we also have a chance to see the north sea, and how it is so unique.

Therefore, this half year is still teaching me how to know who I am and what would I do in my future.

Thank you, and God bless.

The last night in Breklum

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