Kirchengemeinde Halstenbek – Parish of Halstenbek

The Parish of Halstenbek belongs to the church district of Hamburg West/South Holstein. It is situated in the town of Halstenbek, which is next to the city of Hamburg. It has two pastors, two church buildings (the Redeemer Church and Noahs Ark) and about 5000 members.

The parish has a long tradition of ecumenical engagement. It has been active in the areas of partnership, migration, ecology and interreligious dialogue. Recently one of the pastors of Halstenbek, Malte Lei, applied for a position offered by the Centre for Global Ministries and Ecumenical Relations (Zentrum für Mission und Ökumene) and was sent out as a missionary to become a teacher at Nyakato Bible College in Mwanza.

The parish of Halstenbek is happy to be part of the Church Climate Action Partnership-Project – looking forward to the enrichment and learning process which the partnership will bring and also to the challenges of the topic of the climate crisis. They are glad to be on their way together with their partners in the ELVD, together on a path full of uncertainties, but also full of joy.

Members of the action team: Gerhard Thimm, Rev. Katja Rogmann, Lisa-Marie Blume, Uta Preußker-Thimm, Meine Janssen.

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