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In our Centre for Global Ministry and Ecumenical Relations, units work together with churches, ecumenical institutions and non-governmental organizations in Africa, Asia, Europe, America and the Pacific.

Foto: Gerd Altmann, pixabay

The desks of the Centre for Global Ministry and Ecumenical Relations cooperate with their partners to strengthen the network of churches worldwide and develop substantive impulses. Together they represent positions in theology and development policy. They coordinate and shape partnerships through meetings, personnel exchange and financial support. They develop and promote projects for poverty reduction, climate justice, education, health care as well as women’s and youth work.

The units are contact persons for the partner churches and the people in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Northern Germany who maintain an international partnership or are active in the field of ecumenical relations. Staff members and volunteers receive professional information, background knowledge, intercultural training as well as advice and support.

Ecumenical staff from partner countries and our church, placed and supported by the Centre for Global Ministry and Ecumenical Relations, work in staff exchanges in institutions and projects.

Through the Centre’s volunteer and scholarship programmes, young people and professionals are placed in congregations and developmental and social-diaconal projects within the partner churches.